Cover art for other people

This spring and summer has been intensely busy with work too boring to share, but I'm really proud of the cover design for Kati Corlew's book of poetry, which drops August 1. I read the poems and loved her framework of explaining stages of developmental psychology through her own teen angst poems.

It can be difficult to find imagery for cover art in collections like this, but luckily the author loved my first concept - an adaptation of a 1562 illustration of the muse of lyric poetry, Euterpe. I've posted the original illustration below with the front cover I made. The back cover used the same frame art with quotes about the text. I had to construct fill for the spine, but I kept it simple and I think it came out great.

You can see the original illustration by Virgil Solis on wikimedia. I like to think that the long dead illustrator would be thrilled his work was still being used on modern publications.