I owe Marc Maron for the phrase "Lumpy and Game"

I was surprised when the name Neil Strauss popped up on my podcast feed, especially since he was there being interviewed by Marc Maron. The surprise was due to several factors particular to my background.

As a bookseller, Strauss' bestseller The Rules of the Game was one of the most disgusting books I've ever stocked (it advocated negging, which, just, fuck anybody who does that shit). While I'll admit that Strauss' book with Marilyn Manson was counted as my celebrity tell-all guilty pleasure the year it came out, Neil's subsequent jaunt as a guru in the seduction community led me to write him off as a grade-A asshat. Why would Maron, a self-professed feminist, have this guy in his studio?

I had to listen to the interview. I'm so glad that I did, because it gave me the phrase Lumpy and Game. I love Marc's summation of what he calls the swinger community. I also then downloaded Neil's audiobook of The Truth, and listened through in less than a week. It's well written, worth your time, and Strauss does well to warn people at the outside that he is the villain of the piece. I still don't have a high opinion of him as a person, but as a writer I have to admit he really exposed himself in The Truth.

Contemplating the things I liked and hated about this interview and podcast, I realized I wanted to put more out there regarding my own writing, thoughts on relationships, fantasy, and life. I'm lumpy and game. Welcome to my blog.